Its A Boy's Life

Its A Boy's Life

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My house

Yep, this post is about my house. Kind of. 

We are moving this weekend.

I bought this house 7 years ago with my first husband.  I loved it when I first saw it. It needed lots of work, and over the last 7 years it has been worked on... but that is just the bones of the house. This house and I have been through a lot.  I found out I was pregnant, here.  I brought the sweetest boys home here. Its the only home they have known.  They first walked and talked here. They learned how to run in the backyard.  They became best friends, here.  I have celebrated birthdays and babies on the way, including my own.   I have seen groups of friends come and go, and cemented some life long friendships.  Of course, we have seen sadness here. I had my heart broken here.  I faced some challenges I never thought I would.  I have learned who I am, and what I am not. I faced life as a single Mom, and learned to live and walk through it. I lost my sweet Ellie Cat here, and mourned some precious family members. We have also seen some amazing redemption and have become a new family here. 

I cannot say I am not a little sad at leaving this house, but it is time. There are so many reasons to move on, and I am excited about new places, new neighbors.  I will always have sweet sweet memories of this place, this house and these neighbors.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

We have had a really busy summer! Lots of race-watching and hockey practice. Sprinkler running and playgrounds.  I am way over due on keeping everyone up with our comings and goings. ( Assuming anyone ever reads this) Either way, I can look back and jog MY memory! 

I usually write mostly about the boys, but here is a little update on the adults in this family!
In July, I started grad school! I have gone back and forth about this for years and finally took the plunge. It will probably take me two years, but I am enjoying it so far. Derek swears he didn't know I was such a nerd ( um, really?) And I am proud to say I made a 95 in my first class, woot woot!!!! It is not without some sacrifices, and thankfully the hubs is super supportive, because his time gets cut themost.  I also made a huge work change, kind of.. As of August, I am now PRN, meaning I am not full time or part time OR guaranteed any hours. I am working at the same clinic, but also the Piedmont Mountainside wound clinic. The flexibility is great and I am enjoying a change of scenery, among other things!

As for Derek, well, he dropped a minivan on his foot.  Seriously. He was changing the brake pads on our van when it slipped off the jack and landed on his foot.  Amazingly, he didn't break anything, but has a crush injury, meaning the muscles and nerves have a LONG way to go with healing. And its painful.  He is hanging in there, 4 weeks since the injury and still lots of pain.

Ok, now the boys!  Aidan turned nine a few weeks ago, and all of our parents came to celebrate! He is such a sweet kid and its so cool to see him enjoy my parents and vice versa. God is good to this blended family.  Nathan and Noah have been split up for the first time this year. Nathan is going to three year old prek full time and LOVES his sweet teacher. This kid is hilarious! He insists they call him a different name every day. Not Nathan, its either Batman, Woody or Larry Boy... the best part is he has the kids convinced he is for real :) Future politician? I don't know!

Noah is going to special needs prek.  His teacher is straight from Jesus! No joke, we love her and she loves Noah. Other than Ms Becky, his favorite part is the bus! And he took flowers to "his ladies" that drive the bus just the other day.  He is doing PT, OT, Speech and Music Therapy. And one more shout out to Jesus, Noah finally got approved for the Katie Beckett waiver!!!! This will help cover expenses our insurance doesn't for his therapy.  WOOT!!!!!!

                                                               Dixie Speedway!

 We took the boys to Atlanta Motor Speedway, they were SOOO excited! ( Nathan liked the headphones)
 This is Kyle Busch, he drives the M &M car, and I think that is why the boys love him so!

                                                    Brad is Aidan's number one driver!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Racing cars and fairs...

 Derek and I went to Talladega again this year! Such a fun race and super speedway! We had pit passes, so we got to see all the cars and pit road. My favorite driver is Matt Kenseth who drives the #20 Home Depot car. I got to stop and talk to his pit crew... Pretty awesome!

A few random pictures!


 We had fun at the shriner circus and fair. I got the boys on the scrambler!! They loved it and still talk about it!!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vacation part 1

We went back and forth about vacation this year. Chattanooga? PCB?? In the end, we decided on a staycation in the ATL.. Too hard to put 3 kids in a hotel room and there was a tropical storm in PCB. Good decision!

So yesterday, we loaded up and headed to Stone Mountain. We got family passes, worth every penny.  We rode the ducks, played in the creek, rode the train, did the sky hike, played on the lawn, toured the plantation house and old school and hung out with some animals in the farmhouse!

 Hahaha, my favorite!

Today, we are headed to the grandparents house for some pool time!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

 Life, spent living...
Life is a lot more fun without facebook. I mean, I love it, but I might be a bit addicted. I feel this crazy need to check it. All.The.Time... So, after my husband challenged me with a "you can't go a week without it" I took the app off my phone.  And I made it!   I had a great "God intended" conversation with my best friend Jen a week or so ago, about idols, and things we waste our time on.  The internet, facebook etc were both HUGE for me. I want to take that time back and give it to my Jesus and my family. I want to be in the moment with my boys and my husband. And this week was so much better. I realize how much more my kids listen when I am fully engaged and paying attention, whether at home or the playground or backyard. Its been a good week. And I am not putting the app back on my phone :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Just some pictures from the last week! I am spending my last Friday at home with the boys.  For the last three years, I have been blessed to only have to work 3-4 days a week. Starting next week, I am back to five days a week.  It really will be a good thing, but I will miss my Fridays!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

These make me happy! We had some pictures made for Christmas, and I am working on getting them in frames.  We have officially been a family of 5 since far, so good. The boys are loving each other, and the little guys think Aidan hung the moon. Derek is adjusting to living with toddlers again, and I am working on my step-mom skills. Thankfully I have amazing step parents to learn from. I love seeing my parents LOVE Aidan and Derek's parents LOVE the tanks. Especially when I landed in the hospital last week, Derek's parents came to watch the boys, then mine. Then my parents took the boys home, then Derek's mom picked me up from the hospital... It's just a really cool picture of how a family should work, and how God works in the midst of family.

 We have been working, working, working on the house! Trying to make it OURS, and after two and a half  years of being a single mom, some things were neglected. Lots of fixing and changing. New countertops, lots of paint, new bathroom stuff... I promise to post some befores and afters SOON!