Its A Boy's Life

Its A Boy's Life

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My house

Yep, this post is about my house. Kind of. 

We are moving this weekend.

I bought this house 7 years ago with my first husband.  I loved it when I first saw it. It needed lots of work, and over the last 7 years it has been worked on... but that is just the bones of the house. This house and I have been through a lot.  I found out I was pregnant, here.  I brought the sweetest boys home here. Its the only home they have known.  They first walked and talked here. They learned how to run in the backyard.  They became best friends, here.  I have celebrated birthdays and babies on the way, including my own.   I have seen groups of friends come and go, and cemented some life long friendships.  Of course, we have seen sadness here. I had my heart broken here.  I faced some challenges I never thought I would.  I have learned who I am, and what I am not. I faced life as a single Mom, and learned to live and walk through it. I lost my sweet Ellie Cat here, and mourned some precious family members. We have also seen some amazing redemption and have become a new family here. 

I cannot say I am not a little sad at leaving this house, but it is time. There are so many reasons to move on, and I am excited about new places, new neighbors.  I will always have sweet sweet memories of this place, this house and these neighbors.

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